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Digital Product Designer

With more than 6 years of Product Design experience accross Social Network, Fintech and E-commerce Platform. Currently working at Lazada Group.


Lazada Checkout Process Redesign

Lazada is the biggest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has operation in 6 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Its checkout process is complicated and also because of fast pace development, the design is not consistent and still has a lot of usability issues.

Working at Lazada, I spend most of my time day in and out designing new features. However I really like to have my own time did some exercises to see if I can have a look back at the design and improve it. So this is one of the exercise I did in my free time.


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Petzoop App UIkits

One of the biggest thing pet owners face when they have to travel is they can’t take their pets with them. So rather than putting their pets in kennels in cages, this site hopefully will allow pet owners to find other loving family where they can put their pets while they go on vacation.


Shipping Fees Transparency on Lazada Indonesia

A complex case study to solve shipping fees transparency and communications with Customer especially in Indonesia. The project is not focused on UI but more on how to solve the business requirements with user's needs in mind.


BrandShop - Fashion Ecommerce App UI kits

A not usual UI kits for Fashion, this kits already enhanced the Experience design which makes the kits even better. Handcrafted with pixel perfect details that is already for development. Including icons set. Some photos is taken from real brands for demonstration purpose only


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