UX at Zalo

When IΒ joined Zalo, the team back then had only 5 designers working with around 8 verticals and a number of Product owners, managers – lacking process and methods. With great vision of our Product Director, we have had a great opportunity to start doing something different for UX at Zalo.

Here are the list of goals I want to do at zalo:

For Design team:

  • A DesignOps culture
  • Establishing a solid UX process
  • Scaling the team, hire more designer to build Design A-team.

For Zalo UX:

  • A Design System
  • UX Audit
  • Information Architecture map
  • Mental Model for Zalo
  • Design Principles
  • Content Strategy

For Design team

My plan in order to achieve those goals:


  • Talk with stakeholders, product team, researchers (UXR), content (at the beginning we didn't have UX writing yet) and of course developers.
  • Learn how people has been working
  • Understand how people has been thinking about UX so far

I cannot share all the problems publicly, but a short summary as below:

Actions & Outputs

After getting all the insights, problems from different teams, I start writing a design brief document and share it to everyone with the hope that they will follow